Sunday, February 5, 2012


So, we have a baby now. And he's great... I love the little guy, despite the weird hours and toxic poop.
For the most part, things have gone pretty well, all things considered. We're sleep deprived and it's hard to keep track of what needs to be done (that is, stuff that isn't directly involved in the feeding and cleaning of the aforementioned baby).
Now, nearly all of my wife's family is close by. The immediate core family is within 20 minutes and the extended cousins and whatnot are within an hour. And her family loves to get together... I mean, it's almost frowned upon to not go to every little gathering. Her parents, sister, brother-in-law, and Aunt have already seen the kid and in a couple of weeks, apparently, he and my wife will go and see the extended family.
I don't have much family. My parents are both dead. My sister is away at school in Alabama, my Dad's family (Grandmother, Uncle, Aunt, 1 Cousin) is 2.5 hours away, and my Mom's family (Uncle, Aunt, 3 cousins) is way away in Kentucky and Virginia. None of my family have met the baby yet, due to the distance involved and the necessary planning.
My Uncle offered to buy my sister a plane ticket to come in for a weekend to see her nephew for the first time. Now granted, a lot of this was planned without much input on our part, which is kind of annoying (particularly since she'll probably need to stay with us at least one night), but it would still be cool to have my family come over. But with the chaotic way it was put together, my wife is pissed off about it. That, actually, pisses me off.
Apparently, the weekend my sister is coming in, is the same weekend that the baby is going to see the wife's extended clan. Nobody ever really asked me what I thought about the deal and besides, I thought we weren't taking him to any large gatherings for the first 6 weeks or so in order to let him build up some immune system.
So, my wife is ticked that she didn't really know that my sister was coming in that particular weekend regardless of the fact that I knew nothing about this other family thing. I'm pissed because she's making me feel like my family is an inconvenience while she can't tell her family to wait their damn turn. Hell, she doesn't even particularly like a bunch of these people.
So yeah, I'm kinda upset that my sister, my closest living relative, is apparently lower on the "go out of the way for" totem pole than a bunch of extended family that we almost never see.
I mean, I've already had to spend a few hours in our bedroom with our dogs while a friend of her mom's came over to see my son. The friend isn't a fan of dogs. Come to think of it, two of her mom's friends have been over, my wife's best friend has been here, an annoying friend of hers, and a couple of her co-workers. I really kinda just want to tell everybody to fuck off at this point.

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  1. Husbands and their families are always put on the back burner to the wife and her family. Making this fact known unfortunately makes things worse.